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Legal Document Assistance - LDA

I greatly appreciate the help and guidance of Maria Emperatriz in the process of renewing my Green Card. As their expiration date was near, many people began expressing negative opinions, which were far from helping me solve my process. When I consulted María Emperatriz, she always spoke positively to me and knew how to guide me in a very serious, professional and disinterested way, in the steps I had to take to renovate it. Thank you María E for the work you do, always keeping in mind the desire to help others.

M Diaz, Lake Forest, CA

Asked her for help with finding lawyers who speak my language (Spanish) and have good references from families. Mrs. Ruiz helped me with this! Thank you!

Evelyn R. La Palma, CA

Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

Thank you for getting to us right away. We did need to get to get it done as quickly due to our circumstance.  Thanks

Diana F.  Seal Beach, CA

I am Venezuelan by birth and Colombian by naturalization.  I came to the United States in October 2018 with the intention of applying for Political Asylum, since I was the victim of abuse and persecution by the regime that controls my country. When I got here I started looking for legal advice by visiting several attorneys in Los Angeles County. Many of them recommended me the option of Asylum but their divided opinions rather than giving me alternatives filled me with doubts and uncertainties.

In one occasion, a friend recommended someone who dedicated to filling applications, "supposedly" with permission to do that job. The case was that guided by his recommendation and the attractiveness of the cost for the process, I agreed to do it with that person.

Immediately, I was  asked for my information both to complete the asylum's application and to write down my experience of the facts that have occurred to me in Venezuela.  Everything was done under his guidance and his perception. Once it was finished, I received the application only to be signed and sent to immigration.

Once I took that step, I was contacted by USCIS later on to continue my process and i was during the first interview, that I realized how poorly oriented I was, with the blessing that the officer who I was assigned to my case, gave me a new opportunity and made me a series of recommendations that I had to take very seriously to move forward with my process.

After that day, I started my search for someone who could really guide me and that was when I coincidentally met Mrs. Maria Empera. She was the one who guided me to get out of such a difficult situation. I spoke to her without any reservation and after reviewing my case, she highly recommended an excellent lawyer in LA,  as she knew that she could not take my case, due to  my dual nationality status, and major errors on my application.

Now I am safely in USA and on my way to obtain my work permit and  to continue satisfactorily with my case. Thank God and the people who helped but, mainly thanks to Mrs. Maria Empera

Damari  S. Los Angeles, CA

Divorce Mediation

Thank you a million. You are such a easy and pleasant person to deal with. Both Amy and I appreciate that you turn this divorce process into an amicable one.  We felt both in control and capable to make this happen in peace.  We dropped off both sets of papers today. That's it for us; we are finished! God Bless you,  Maria Empera. You are definitely one in a million.

Hector H.  Costa Mesa, CA

Very good work at a good price. This paralegal is knowledgeable and does good work. My divorce was filed and done without a hassle.

Carmen C. Santa Ana, CA

Maria Empera is an amazing paralegal! She was I informative and answered every question I could possibly come up with. She always calls back and never left anything undone.

My fiancé and I are able to get married now because she helped with his default divorce. Getting a divorce is not easy whether both parties are willing or can't be located! She made the process easy. It didn’t take very long and we are so grateful!

Her attitude is pleasant but straightforward. She's very understanding without judgment and makes you feel better about whatever your situation may be.

I have already referred her to many friends and acquaintances for their legal needs.  I really appreciate you Maria Empe and will continue any and all services with you in the future!

Christina C, Dana Point, CA

Special Education Advocacy

Ms. Ruiz is an “excellent” advocate in special education. She was very helpful for me. As a parent, she transmitted her confidence and empowerment to me. She is very passionate and has a lot of experience in this area. Thank you!

Evelyn R. La Palma, CA

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