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Why Mediation

The Mediation Act (the “Act”), which was signed into law on 2 October 2017, places a new statutory obligation on litigants to consider mediation as a means of resolving a dispute.  According to the California Court System, “Mediation is also a valuable resource in eviction cases.  It can save the landlord and  the tenant time and money, help the parties agree if and when the tenant will move out or pay the landlord money, facilitate agreements to make repairs to the property, and protect the tenant from getting an eviction judgment on his or her record.

A mediator helps the landlord and tenant to come to a mutually agreeable solution. The process is less hostile than going to court.  The mediator will not force you to reach an agreement.  Whether you decide to resolve your dispute, and how you resolve it, is up to you.  If you cannot settle, you can still go to court to have judge or jury decide.

family packing in process of eviction

For more information about eviction procedures and mediation please refer to the California Courts:



There is nothing to lose by trying mediation, and there is a lot to gain.  SOS ParaLegal is here to facilitate your mediation’s process so both parties can reach common agreements.

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